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American Exchange Group Partners with XOXO to Launch Cold Weather Accessory Collection

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- American Exchange Group is proud to announce its partnership with XOXO to launch its cold weather accessory line for Fall 2021. The collection highlights styles created for the classic yet trendy young woman, featuring cozy knits, vegan fur, and crystal embellishments.

"XOXO joins American Exchange Group's Cold weather accessory business and caters to the classic and trendy consumer at a moderate price-point range, and we are excited with this partnership! The team has developed XOXO into wearable fashion combining fashion and function. We look forward to leveraging our design and sourcing expertise to curate exciting pieces," says Steve Velasquez, Chief Strategy Officer of American Exchange Group.

The trendy XOXO fall and winter cold weather accessory collection includes styles and patterns to make every woman feel comfortable, fashionable, and confident in their own skin. The new outerwear line will include cozy plush knit hats, plaid and leopard print scarves, faux fur earmuffs, gloves with crystal embellishments, and an assortment of stylish kimonos, designed for ultimate warmth and comfort. The line also features vegan leather belts with crystal embellishments and snake print. The XOXO collection is in the moderate price-point range and will be available in select retailers nationwide.

About American Exchange Group American Exchange Group is an industry leader in accessory design and manufacturing. By facilitating distribution to major retailers worldwide for custom private label brands, exclusive licensed brands, and branded accessories including watches, wearable technology, jewelry, footwear, outerwear, and handbags, American Exchange Group raises the bar by disrupting status quo pricing while staying at the forefront of trends. Stay up to date on our latest partnerships on Instagram @americanexchangegroup.

About XOXO XOXO is an American contemporary clothing brand founded in 1991. The brand is targeted toward teenagers and young females. The brand includes apparel and accessories including handbags, sunglasses, belts, and jewelry.

SOURCE American Exchange Group

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