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New York, NY – August 16, 2023 - American Exchange Group (AXNY Group), the industry leader in accessories design, licensing and manufacturing announced today that it has acquired HatchBeauty Brands. Founded in 2009, HatchBeauty is known for their range of beauty and personal care brands such as NatureWell, Found, Orlando Pita Play, TXTUR and Paint & Petals. This partnership marks another strategic milestone for American Exchange Group, as it is the company’s first foray into the beauty and personal care space. Over the past two years, American Exchange Group has acquired footwear brands Aerosoles and White Mountain as well creative services and digital marketing company, Giant Propeller.

These acquisitions as well as the recent acquisition of HatchBeauty, aligns with American Exchange Group’s overarching growth and lifestyle strategy to identify brands, partnerships and opportunities that provide value to a wide range of consumers.

"I have always believed in a head-to-toe approach when building our brand portfolio, seeking out opportunities that genuinely enrich and enhance the lives of our consumers and HatchBeauty Brand along with their range of trusted and science-backed beauty and personal care products fits perfectly into that strategy” said Alen Mamrout, CEO of American Exchange Group. “Just like the recent addition of Aerosoles and White Mountain footwear brands to our portfolio, both of which whom are celebrated for their comfort and innovation, we've consistently aimed to provide our customers with trend right productsthat offer a value at an affordable price point. From hydrating skincare and rejuvenating haircare solutions

to our comfortable and stylish footwear options, we can now say that we offer a variety of products that will service you from head to toe! This is an exciting time for us and we are thrilled to welcome HatchBeauty to the American Exchange Group family.”

“In today's consumer marketplace, there's an undeniable surge in demand for health and wellness products that enhance our everyday lives. With this acquisition, we are not only embracing a strategic opportunity for expanded growth but also aiming to introduce HatchBeauty Brands and their amazing product lines to our well-established retailer portfolio” said Steve Velazquez, Chief Strategy Officer at American Exchange Group.

American Exchange Group intends to initiate a rebranding process for HatchBeauty, renaming it as AX Beauty Brands but will continue to offer the same beloved and trusted line of beauty and personal care products to consumers at their favorite retailers such as Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s and Dillards. This strategic partnership brings together both organizations' unique strengths and creative talents, paving the way for exciting new synergies and growth opportunities.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with American Exchange Group, combining our resources and expertise to create something truly extraordinary in the beauty industry. This partnership will enhance our ability to innovate, expand into new markets, and deliver exceptional experiences to our valued customers,” said Hatch’s President and Chief Commercial Officer, Kristin Bibb. “We look forward to a future filled with shared success and continued excellence in the beauty industry.”


About American Exchange Group

American Exchange Group is an industry leader in accessories design and manufacturing. By facilitating distribution to major retailers globally for our proprietary brands, custom private label brands and exclusive licensed brands, including footwear, tech wearables, watches, jewelry, handbags and fashion accessories, American Exchange Group raises the bar by disrupting status quo pricing while staying at the forefront of trends.

About HatchBeautyBrands

About HatchBeauty Brands: Founded in 2009 HATCHBEAUTY, LLC expanded to HATCHBEAUTY BRANDS in 2019. Now one of the first companies to offer both beauty and personal care incubation under one roof, HatchBeauty Brands is rapidly changing the landscape of brand innovation with a focus on trend science.

Its current portfolio includes: NatureWell, Found, Orlando Pita Play, TXTUR and Paint & Petals. Later this year, HatchBeauty Brands will launch a new platform under the celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita’s brand Orlando Pita Play, focused on natural hair loss solutions, unveiling the transformative Bay Leaf Hair Density System.

Press Contact:

Lauren Wilson-Policke | LWP Public Relations |

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